Users are unable to delete email from Exchange webmail (also out of office reply does not work)


  1. Users are unable to delete their email from their webmail. You receive a message saying “The action tyou tried to perform couldn’t be completed because there’s a configuration problem on the server. If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk. The entire error report is listed below:”.
  2. When you go to you are prompted for the password, but the password is rejected repeatedly.
  3. From the Outlook client, you are not able to go to Out of Office.


  1. Open IIS Manager, and then navigate to Default Web Site.
  2. Right-click Default Web Site, and then click Edit Bindings.
  3. If a binding exists for HTTP, clear the host name value. (I had the ones with home address (
  4. If no binding exists for HTTP, create a new binding that has no host name and a value of All Unassigned for the IP address.
  5. Restart IIS.




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