How to print pages from website, so the product picture does not obscure the product description


When you print the page from the website, the printed page is not wide enough to fit everything that is on the website. Usually the product image will obscure the product description.

This is what the website looks like

This is what the printed page looks like. Notice unlike the picture above, you do not see the full product description as the product picture is blocking about 70% of the text description of the product.


Using Chrome, right click on the page, and select Inspect Elements.

Find the image element that is taking up all of our printed page. It’s listed under,

<div class=”a-container”>, <div id=”leftcol” class=”leftCol”>, <div id=”imageBlock_feature_div”>, etc. Look further into the div class section until you see <div class=”a-text-center a-fixed-left-grid_col a-col-right”>, As you place your mouse cursor over the div tag, you will see what element in the website is being affected by the div tag. amazon3

When you see the div tag that you do not want to show up and obscure the printed page, right click on the div tag and select Delete Node menu. You will see that the images are not showing up on the page anymore.

You can now print the page, minus the image file that was blocking the description field.


One thought on “How to print pages from website, so the product picture does not obscure the product description

  1. I buy everything on Amazon with a credit card that will price match if I find a lower advertised price within 60 days. This is EXACTLY that I needed to know to be able print listings with lower prices to submit to the card company where none of the description or price was were obscured. I resorted to taking screen shots, but this is much more elegant solution. Thank you!

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