Configure Automatic Replies for a user in Exchange 2010

Configure auto-reply options using the Exchange Control Panel

To configure an auto-reply using the ECP: (You must log in as the user Administrator)

  1. From Mail > Options, select Another User (default My Organization).

    Figure 1: Select Another User
  2. Select the user you want to configure the auto-reply for
  3. In the new window, ensure the user’s name is displayed in the alert message, and then click Tell people you’re on vacation

    Figure 2: When managing another user in the ECP, an alert near the top of the page displays the name of the user you’re managing
  4. From the Automatic Replies tab, configure the auto-reply options for the user (see screenshot).

In Exchange 2007, we introduced the ability to create different Out of Office messages for external and internal recipients. You can also disable or enable Out of Office messages on a per-user basis and on a per-remote domain basis in Remote Domain settings. For details, see previous post Exchange Server 2007 Out of Office (OOF).

Configure auto-reply options using the Shell

This command schedules internal and external auto-replies from 9/8/2011 to 9/15/2011:

Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration –AutoReplyState Scheduled –StartTime “9/8/2011” –EndTime “9/15/2011” –ExternalMessage “External OOF message here” –InternalMessage “Internal OOF message here”

To configure auto-replies to be sent until they’re disabled (i.e. without a schedule), set the AutoReplyState parameter to Enabled and do not specify the StarTimeand EndTime parameters. For detailed syntax and parameter descriptions, see Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration.

This command retrieves auto-reply settings for a mailbox.


This command disables auto-reply configured for a mailbox:

Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration –AutoReplyState Disabled –ExternalMessage $null –InternalMessage $null

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