How to disable Find my iPhone feature

on iOS 7, if you have the find my iPhone feature now includes the Activation Lock. Once the activation lock is enabled, no other user can use or activate the phone. Before you sell your phone or give your phone to someone to use it as their phone, you need to disable the Activation Lock.  Otherwise, unless they know your Apple ID and password, they are not able to use their phone.

1. Disabling the Find my iPhone feature from the iPhone.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to the iCloud section

photo 2

  • Scroll down until you see a Find My iPhone toggle, and turn it off.

photo 3

2. Disabling the Find my iPhone using the computer.

  • Open “Find my iPhone”, and click on the “Devices” button to get a list of all devices tied to your Apple ID. (Note that it might take some time for iCloud to determine the location of your devices.)
  • Select the device you’ve sold, and click the cross button next to it to untie it from your Apple ID. You should now see a confirmation alert. Click “Remove” to confirm. (If you do not see the X mark because the device is already wiped or is inaccessible, click on the device itself and you will see the remove option.)

NOTE: Your iPhone must be off before you see the cross button that allows you to remove the device.



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