Multipathing Configuration for Software iSCSI

Multipathing Configuration for Software iSCSI Using Port Binding


 For port binding to work correctly, the initiator must be able to reach the target directly on the same subnet – iSCSI port binding in vSphere 5.0 does not support routing. In this configuration, if I place my VMkernel ports on VLAN 74, they will be able to reach the iSCSI target without the need of a router. This is an important point, and needs further elaboration as it causes some confusion. If I do not implement port binding, and use a standard VMkernel port, then my initiator can reach the targets through a routed network. This is supported and works just fine. It is only when iSCSI binding is implemented that a direct, non-routed network between the initiators and targets is required, i.e. initiators and targets must be on the same subnet.



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