How to change cached windows domain password

When you have a remote user who does not have a physical connection to the domain controller wants to login to their Windows machine, they can log in using the cached windows userid and password information. However the problem happens if the administrator changes the Windows password from the server. Then the cached credential on the remote users computer and the credential on the server becomes out of sync and all kinds of problem occurs.

It is not possible to change the cached password without having access to the server. Here’s how you can get around the issue if you have access to the server via VPN.

1. Login to computer using the old credential that the computer knows about.
2. Start the VPN. You will need to use the new credential that the server knows about, since the authentication is based on the server credential.
3. Once you are connected to VPN, do Ctl-Alt-Del and Lock the computer.
4. When you try to unlock computer, it will ask for password to unlock your computer. You will need to type in the new credential that is on the server. Once you do Lock and Unlock, your computer will update the cache and all with be well again.



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