How to set vmware to send an email when an alarm condition occurs

You want to receive an email when something goes wrong on your vmware network. Here’s how you setup an alarm on your vmware network.

First you need to set up SMTP server information for your server. From the vSphere web client, selectyour vCenter server, then goto Manage. Under settings go to General tag and click Edit button to edit the Mail information. Fill in the SMTP server and the from email address. (On vSphere go to Administration (top level menu) and vCenter Server Settings). vcenter1

Now you’re ready to set the alarm. Under Manage go to Alarm definitions. Notice there are alarms that are pre-configured for you. You can either edit the existing alarm or you can create your own alarm. For example, if you want vmware to send you an email when the hardware temperature is too high, Select Host hardware temperature object and click Edit. Click Next on general tab. On Triggers tab, you can see which conditions trigger what level of alarm. Click Next on the Triggers tab.

Under Actions tab, click on the + tab to add new actions. Select Send a notification email and type in your email address under configuration. Click Finish when done.



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