How to use MTS Actiontec DSL Router as a dumb DLS Modem

MTS used to use speed stream as their DSL modem and you had to use the separate router if you wanted to connect your computer to the internet. However, with the new Actiontec modem, the actiontec acts as both the DSL modem and a router with all the routing and NAT built in. So, if you connect your own router on the DSL network, your router may not work as expected due to double NAT situation.

First, connect your PC to actiontec router using an ethernet cable and get an IP address via DHCP. (Mine had with default gateway of Knowing the default gateway IP address, I then opened a web browser and went to The default userid is admin and default password is the last 6 character of the MAC address (Upper case letter for alphabets).

To enable transparent bridging mode
  1. log in as root
  2. go to “Advanced Setup”
  3. WAN IP Addressing
  4. 2. Select the ISP protocol below
  5. select “RFC 1483 Transparent Bridging”

Plug your own router (WAN port) into the actiontec router (LAN port), now your own router should transparently pass through the actiontec getting a DHCP assigned IP address directly from Telus. Some additional config may be necessary on your router.

Alternatively you can log in using telnet if you want to enable it

  1. Advanced Setup
  2. Remote
  3. Remote Telnet
  4. 1. Set the remote telnet state below.
  5. Local Telnet -> enable
  6. Set the user name and password for login

Use putty or some other terminal client and login using the username and password you’ve set.
Once logged in, you have a crippled shell – like the command “ls” and “cd” won’t work.
To get a slightly more functional shell type “sh” to get a busybox shell.


Actiontec Modem User Manual


One thought on “How to use MTS Actiontec DSL Router as a dumb DLS Modem

  1. In order to enable continued use of my own home server after getting the Actiontec replacement modem from MTS, I also set the ‘transparent bridging’ mode. This worked fine for many months, and then this past weekend it stopped working. I was forced to get another modem and return to the default state, but I was told I could expect no support from MTS if I repeated my changes. Any thoughts/advise?

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