Enable SSH access in Cisco ASA 5510

Once you are done with the basic configuration of Cisco ASA 5510, the next step is to enable SSH access from remote computers internally or externally, Steps involved in configuring SSH is as follows

Firewall_5510#config t

Firewall_5510(config)# enable password xxxxx(your password)

Enable password is necessary to enable ssh access

Firewall_5510(config)# username test password test123

User name and password for connecting using ssh

Firewall_5510(config)# aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL

Different authentication can be  configured, like RADIUS, TATAC, etc.., here we specified Local authentication with user name and password mentioned above

Firewall_5510(config)# ssh 192.168.x.x 255.255.255.o inside

Permit  ssh access to firewall  from specified ip or subnet, inside

Firewall_5510(config)# domain-name TEST.ORG

Domain name of your company. RSA key is generated using domain name + firewall name combination

Firewall_5510(config)# crypto key generate rsa modulus 1024

Generate RSA key

You are done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now the firewall can be accessed from inside network………………………


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