Deleting remembered passwords from the Internet Explorer


So what happens when you click Yes to have your password remembered?
Again, a registry change occurs.

The password is stored at the SPW key (which stands for Saved PassWords).
The location is here:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IntelliForms\SPW

In the right hand pane of the SPW key you will see all your saved AutoComplete 
However, you won’t recognize them because they are encrypted, looking something 
like this:


Secret – encrypted passwords and autocomplete info can be easily decrypted by 
special password revealing utilities like Advanced Password
Recovery for IE, IE Password Revealer, and others.

If the non registry method doesn’t work to get a lost prompt back, you can try 
deleting the password associated with the particular login giving
you the problem, but chances are you have more than just a few passwords stored 
there so
you can’t really tell which one is which. In that
case, the most obvious and easiest way would be to to delete all the encrypted 
but if you have a lot of them and dread the thought
of having to enter your passwords again at each site where you previously used 
to login to
automatically, then the best way is to back them up first,
then delete them like this:

1. Select the SPW key, click File>Export and then save it as a reg file (ie 
spw.reg) to
your desktop or wherever you find convenient.
2. Once exported, right click the SPW key in the registry and choose Delete.
3. Login to the site that was your problem and enter your user name/password.
This time the dialog box will come up and you can choose Yes to remembering 
your password.
4. Double click the reg export you made to merge it back into the registry.



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